Frequently asked questions and answers about Prague Paintball and paintball in general.

Who plays paintball?

Played by millions of people around the world, it may sound like a cliché, but paintball can be played by anyone, whether you are a woman or a man, a child or an adult, a lawyer or an athlete, this game is guaranteed to be for everyone and there is something for everyone. Whether it's fast-paced and dynamic offensive actions, to ambush-style actions by individuals, to snipers waiting undercover near their own base for an inattentive, flag-hungry enemy.


What should i bring with me?

All you need are shoes, preferably some sports shoes, because it would be bad in slippers, and some sports clothes appropriate to the season. We will rent everything else on site.


Is the bullet hit painfull?

No doubt you will feel the ball hit, but it can be compared to hitting a squash ball. However, it always depends on the point of impact and the distance from which the ball is shot. In any case, you don't have to worry about ending up immobile in hospital after being hit by a ball. The most common and painless hit is a hit to the gun and, paradoxically, the next least painful is a hit to the head (mask).


How quickly the paintball ball flies and how this speed can be measured?

According to the general rules, the speed of the paintball must not exceed 90 m/s (300 ft/s). The speed of the ball is measured by chronographs, which work on the principle of Doppler radar.


Is there any national paintball association or organization in the Czech Republic?

Of course, the national association PGBA has been sponsoring sport paintball in the Czech Republic for several years.


From what age can i play paintball?

There is virtually no age restriction for this game, however, the rule is that players under 18 must have written parental consent or be present at the event. If you do not have a confirmation, we will not lend you equipment or allow you on the field.


Do ladies also play paintball?

Of course it is! And in our experience, it's the girls who have a better view of the field. But you'll have to see for yourself.


Is paintball safe?

According to statistics, paintball is even safer than golf, swimming or tennis. Provided all safety rules are followed. So always remember: never take off your protective mask in the game, as the only way to seriously hurt yourself is to get hit in the eye!


What is a ball made of?

The paintballs are essentially thin-walled gelatin capsules filled with a colored, water-soluble, easily washable and biodegradable non-toxic mixture of food coloring, vegetable oil and soap detergent. It is manufactured on the same machines as vitamin preparations or other drugs.


Is paintball played when it rains?

Yes, paintball is played in all weathers.


Is paintball a sport at all?

Definitely yes! Paintball as a sport discipline is recognized all over the world. There is an international paintball association, the IPPA, which brings together national paintball associations. In the Czech Republic, our national paintball association PGBA has been accepted as an associate member of the CSTV.


How is paintball played?

Although there are many variations of this game, usually two teams face each other, and the object of the game is to capture the opponent's flag, defend your own flag, and take out as many of the opposing team as possible. A player who is hit by a ball that has left a bright colored mark on it is eliminated from the game (fair credit for the hit is a prerequisite of the game). A player leaving the field of play may not signal or otherwise interact with other players on the field. The manner of play also greatly affects the number of players involved. There may be six, or there may be sixty. Games involving several hundred players are no exception. The number of players is limited only by the size and the roughness of the field. The time limit of the games is usually 20 minutes, but it always depends on the variant of the game. The game is supervised by a referee who ensures that the rules are followed and decides in case of disputed hits.


What is the average number of fired paintballs per player?

This number is completely individual and to a certain extent depends on the number of players and how much time you spend on the field. Some people need only 200 balls for the whole day (capacity of one magazine), some people can get 800 or more in a day.


We have booked an event. Will we play by ourselves?

Usually the groups play alone and do not join together, which you can check in the order. If you want to join with another group, you can check "public" in the order and we will try to add you to someone.


Can we play paintball even in winter?

Paintball is played all year round, it's all about the client. We will come to the Krkonoše Mountains smile. Moreover, we have an indoor hall in Prague, where the temperature is much higher, so you will play here and you will not even know that it is cold.


Is the equipment you rent hygienically clean?

All the equipment (gloves, overalls, hoods) that you get from us to rent is of course clean, dry and smelly, as we wash it after each use.


What do you when there is only few of us

Don't despair and contact us, there are several solutions, either you can go to open play or we will try to add you to another group. I'm sure we'll find a solution.


What happens if we arrive at a smaller number than the minimum number of players on the field

In this case the price of the event will be increased by 300CZK for each missing player.


Can alcohol be drunk during paintball?

The use of alcohol during paintball is prohibited. If any player shows signs of being drunk, the organizer has the right to stop the game. The right to a refund is completely forfeited.


Is it possible to play with your own equipment?

Yes, it is. A player with his own equipment pays only the entrance fee and possibly the air blowing. In addition, he can bring his own balls.

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